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We believe in collaboration and fostering strong partnerships with architects, contractors, and talented individuals seeking career opportunities. We are dedicated to creating exceptional spaces that inspire and enrich lives, and we value the contributions of our partners and employees. If you are looking to work with us, we offer various avenues for architects, contractors, and potential employees to join forces and contribute to our shared vision.

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Architects and Designers

Are you an architect or designer looking to integrate round forms into your projects? Want the look of a silo without the challenges of insulating and framing one? Our panelized kits come in 5 sizes from 320 to 1200+ square feet, and are ready to be customized to your specifications. Let us know wall heights, siding choices, and window and door placement, and we can build the perfect round home kit -- whether as a cabin or single-family home, or part of a larger compound. Our design and engineering teams are ready to help bring your round designs to life.

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Developers and Contractors

Are you a general contractor or framer already well-versed in assembling round homes, or ready to put up your first? We are always looking for qualified general contractors and framers around the world who can help our clients bring their dreams to life. With a boom truck and nimble crew, you can have a dried-in shell in a few days. While you get the hang of assembling our kits, our field staff and design consultants are always a phone call away (or are available to travel). For developers looking to reduce build timelines and offer unique accommodations (whether for meeting spaces, yoga studios, classrooms, retreat centers, short-term rentals, glamping, or housing), Smiling Woods Yurts offer a variety of sizes to fit any space. Our yurts can be found at resorts and inns, campgrounds, ranches, schools, and housing developments across the US.

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