How to Permit your new Yurt-Inspired Round home


Smiling Woods kits are permanent, wood-framed round homes that can be permitted like any other new, permanent building. Our round homes do not fall under the regulations covering traditional fabric yurts, which may limit occupancy to certain seasons, or ban yurts outright. Our round buildings come fully engineered and can be insulated to meet all applicable building and energy codes in most areas.

To enhance the chances of success when talking with building officials in your community, be sure to use the term "round home" instead of "yurt" as "yurt" typically is used to refer to more temporary, fabric-covered buildings not designed for permanent, year-round habitation. Your designer is happy to help with building or permitting department conversations, and will work within your local codes to design your dream round home. We have models to fit all sorts of size restrictions (whether minimum square footage or maximum coverage), from our 320 square foot Birch Twenty to our 1200+ square foot Sequoia Forty-One. Our round homes are some of the most efficient designs you can build, and our easy-to-assemble kits reduce construction waste and our precision machining ensures a tight envelope, straight from the factory.

You may need to work with your HOA or local building department for siding and roofing options. Our metal roofs can be painted many colors, and are engineered to meet local wind shear and snow load requirements. We can also provide WUI fire-resistant siding options such as metal or treated wood, as well as specialized venting. Your designer will work with you to make sure your kit has all the proper siding and roofing for your site.

We also can produce round homes with exterior insulation, and can design insulated concrete forms for your foundation. Need Title 24? No problem. New Washington State energy codes? Ditto.

For commercial spaces (like yoga studios, classrooms, spas, and dog kennels), we can provide assistance with ADA and other requirements, or your design team can bring your design to us to fabricate.

Round homes are some of the most efficient ways to build in terms of energy use, and produce unique natural air circulation patterns.