Stay in a Yurt

Staying in a Smiling Woods Yurt is a unique experience that transports you to a world of simplicity, tranquility, and connection with nature. Yurts have become increasingly popular as alternative accommodations for those seeking a break from the ordinary. Plus, there is no better way to test if Smiling Woods is right for you than spending a night in a round home.

Don't see a yurt near you, and don't have time for a little road trip to stay in a yurt? Contact us to see if a friendly local Smiling Woods owner near you may be open to showing their home.


Our Yurts on the Northeast of the United States offer you luxurious comfort, exquisite design and spectacular views. From luxury yurts with pools and private dining to cozy mountain cabins, we have yurts to suit your needs and preferences. Located within driving distance from New York, Boston, and other major metropolitan areas, our Northeast yurt rental partners offer the perfect way to try out round living.


Saugerties, NY

Hudson Valley Round House

Zach offers an amazing stay in this miticulously-designed and built, green and gold yurt-inspired round house. Featuring room for up to 6, with 2-person soaking tubs and grotto shower, this property won't disappoint.


Appleton, ME

Appleton Retreat Yurts

The Appleton Retreats feature several Smiling Woods Yurt Cabins are set amidst a beautiful 120-acre forest and meadow property. Try out a Birch 20 with Snow Sweet or Cedar Moon, or a Maple 25 with Summer Rose.


Oak Bluffs, MA

Vineyard Yurt

Near the heart of Martha's Vineyard, this lovely wooden round home is ready for your perfect summer (or off-season) trip. Comes with free kayaking or stand up paddling from one of the top providers in MA.


Tonowanda, NY

Whimsical Yurt

This darling Maple 25 Yurt Cabin is near Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Features an asphalt roof, showing what can be done with our roof rafter and sheathing kits and your choice of roof material.


South Dartmouth, MA

Down to Earth Yurt

The Down to Earth yurt doesn't offer overnight accommodations, but opens their yurt to the public for select concerts to benefit their animal sanctuary. The yurt is a beautiful 41-foot unit.